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One size doesn't fit all..

Spending time detailing the benefits of healthcare brands in pharmacy is the core of what we do. Our team are product and relationship experts, building healthcare brands in pharmacy by solving their customers’ problems. One size definitely doesn’t fit all, so true in pharmacy sales!

Join us

Interested in joining us? We are always looking for talented sales people and would love to hear from you. Please contact us today !

Switching from POM to P

Switching medicines to non-prescription status is a key driver of growth for the consumer healthcare industry. At Ethicoe Sales Management we are ideally placed to help achieve commercial success. Our healthcare focus and added value sales and marketing service ensures brands get a guaranteed face time in call, are detailed to the right person with the right message to gain distribution and increase sales.

Check out what  OTCToolbox has to say about switching.

Exciting times for Ethicoe

New people and new clients mean September is an extra exciting time to be part of Ethicoe Sales Management. We are delighted we will be representing even more clients this month, offering pharmacies a diverse and broad range of healthcare products.

Different To All Others

Ethicoe’s client base continues to grow – more and more healthcare companies are seeing the benefits of the focused service, different to all others.